Friction EP

by Yung Prince

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Friction is my most personal work of art, to date. I've journeyed a long way since the release of my first Christian mixtape, Pre-Lease (2010). There's been much growth and pruning, and I reveal my struggles to the world through this project.
The Word says, "They overcame [...] by the word of their testimony" (Revelation 12:11), and I've done just that. I pray you will to. I hope you are encouraged by my "Friction."


released June 30, 2015

Co-Writers: Fee-Lo, G5
Mixing & Mastering: Qwality Media
Producers: Trixx Sounds, Platinum Seller Beats, JuSaMeLoDy, and Flawless Tracks



all rights reserved


Yung Prince Orlando, Florida

Hey there!
I'm Yung Prince, and I am a genuine believer, with personal struggles and a repentive heart.
Truth be told, I just want to give you an alternative perspective on life – helping you see things God's way. I pray you give me that opportunity.
God Bless!
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Track Name: Friction
Song - “Friction”

Verse 1
He’s light; I’m darkness. He’s right; I’m wrong, and..
He’s bold; I’m cautious. I’m defense; he’s offense

He fills what’s empty, and he cleans what’s filthy (yeah)
And quite frankly, I confess I was a mess
(See I)

Thought when he appeared in my life, I would suddenly change and get it right
But in the middle of everything, I noticed that everything was looking the same, I just had sight

So now I could see everything that was living in me, and it didn’t leave immediately
But then he said to me, “If you can follow me continually, I can make you into who you could be”
(So I rolled with him)

But everything that he shows me is contrary to the old me; But is it really the old me?..
Cause every time it pop up and slip up, it seems to control me, and it holds me

And I’m thinking: “Wow! My flesh at war with my Spirit, and my spirit fightin against it..”
Resistance; I call that Friction..

I’m trying to hide my feelings, because I’m at war within
Caught up in this storm again

And when I think it’s finished, it ain’t really gone, it’s still inside
Like it just found a place to hide

So tell me how to end it! I’m sick and I can’t live like this no more
It’s just gotta go Go GO GO

Lord I need to quit it! I can’t live another day with it
I’m just sayin it’s gettin in my way and I’m
(Tired of this Friction!)

Verse 2
Man it’s everything I don’t wanna be; died to the flesh but it’s hauntin me
Flashbacks; can it be? That I ain’t lettin go what was done to me?

This feel insane, I still feel the pain, and wanna cast the blame on old what’s-his-name
But they ain’t really do a thang; ain’t a thang changed; I just wanna make a change, so I call upon His Name (and)..

Anytime I get it wrong, He forgivin me; But when I try to move on it be killin me..
Cuz then I think I’m a sinner, beginning with the enemy condemning and filling my head with the sin in me

But, really, my struggle isn’t physically; it’s the inner-things, like tryina get bitterness out of the inner me
And all I got is pain in my memories; and it makes it difficult to love! Father deliver me!

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Soliloquy
Song - “Soliloquy”

(background vocals:)
(Stop acting like you know me [know me]..)
(To you I’m just a trophy [trophy]..)

Verse 1
I used to dream about the old me, and I told me
that one day you’ll turn down, and turn around and live holy

Then the old me laughed back, and he said, “Okay but I’m cool”
Then he said, “Chill out with that homicide, cause you killin my mood”

He said, “I’m livin la vida. No, it’s not Loco, but Yolo”
Then I tried to tell him bout the Great DOCTOR.. He said, “No BEATS, but I’m SOLO”

Then he start SNAPPING like PHOTO. He said, “My story, you don’t know”
Then I told myself, “Man, yes I do cause I was you, so bruh hold on”

I started to give me the Word.. like auto-text
But everything I spoke to me went in one ear and out the next

I’m like, “Why you iggin? I’m trying to give you this non-fiction..
..and listen close is in your interest. So, tighten up; time’s slippin”

Stop acting like you know me
Like you truly want my soul clean

To you I’m just a trophy
You win me over for yourself, then you put me up on that shelf
(so you)

Talking to yourself (Soliloquy)
But I’m somebody else (that you pretend to be)

Why don’t you get to learn me? ..and quit tryina discern me
You’re talking to yourself (Soliloquy)

Verse 2
So there I stood.. Trying to talk sense into myself
Then gradually, I actually recalled how my path to salvation felt
(how’d it feel)

It was hard for me. And as I sat there reminiscing..
I zoned out.. Then I zoned in.. And the old me was in mid-sentence..

“And bruh, as a matter-of-fact, if you claim you been where I’m at..
..then why you actin as if I’m trippin? you don’t know the weight on my back?.. you ain’t know that I was blind? ...and that I don’t understand your lingo? you can just give me the LETTER ...and I start shoutin like BINGO!..

Embarrassing! The future me is so arrogant!
You just see me as an allergy, then here you come with your Claritin..

Well go ahead; share it then. Spit the Gospel; let me hear it!
But you, of all folks, should already know that without the Spirit, I don't comprehend it..”

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
When I awoke.. The quickly hit me:
I cain’t shove the Word down they throat, then expect conversion. Lord forgive me!

How can I be a light with no compassion and no relation?
God reached me through folks that I knew: that's family, friends, and a close acquaintance

Through time & patience, observation, and conversation
And loving me despite all my flaws. Where sin abounded, he threw grace in

And when he saved me, erased the filth, and made the new me..
..He ain't need him a SKETCH PAD, but with his lovingkindness he DREW me

And that’s the truth.. Now I see clearly what I have to do:
Evade the evil.. Engage the people.. And walk alongside them as living proof
(Proof of what?)

...Of what God can do. So, to put it Simply
Ima just do my best to love 'em. And that will be my ministry.

Chorus Repeats
Track Name: The Life
Song - “The Life”

Verse 1
Look Mom, I made it.. yeah I’m winnin.. Here’s my medal, huh..
And I’ve been TRAINed for this.. so they caint deRAIL me, uh–uh..

I’ve made it to my season of more than enough
So you can call me tone–deaf, cuz they caint tell me nuunnnn

And this where I want to be
I’ve got everything I’ve ever wanted; see

I got my priorities in order; see..
Or do I? .. (It don’t matter, cause...)

I feel like I'm winnin (winnin)
This The Life.. I'm living like..

I aint got no limits
I'm flying high.. but is this right?..
(it don't matter I'm like)

This the life.. (3x)

But is this really livin?..
Am I alive?.. Is this The Life? ..

Verse 2
The Life…it’s everything that I wanted
I went to school; Graduated, with my First Degree, like Burnt Skin

And it didn’t take long, for me to step into my career..
Started off with a salary.. that’s nearly double that of my years..

Now I can dress nice.. when I’m gathering with my peers..
Went from a couch to a house.. And that nearly brought me to tears

Now I beat them statistics…fast paced...despite friction
Redefining gravity.. YP .. Yung Physics

But my success.. it made me shady like canopies
I was giving attention to everything.. all except for my family

Wifey was hurting & mad at me.. But couldn't express that pain though
Then one day, she couldn't take no more.. And that little spark became a flame thrower

What have I done? Or better yet, What haven't I?
I never had would've imagined I.. would hurt you.. can we go back in time?

Can we bring it back a line? ...and figure out what did I do?
Then I seen I was livin the life, but there was no you

Chorus Repeats
Track Name: Runnin
Song - “Runnin”

Verse 1
Here we go, here we go, here we go again
This story is kinda long, so where do I begin?

First of all... i should mention that I’ve held it in
..and I concealed how I’m feelin, rejecting helpin hands..

See, I’ve been strugglin to forgive someone who’s cut me deep
Well, its multiple people who’ve done the same thing..

I thought it would FALL,, and I would find reLEAF
But I found a leaf of a tree thats rooted deep

See, over the course of my life, I’ve dated many women
..and these women cheated on me with different men, and

Well, those men were family members & close friends, and
I determined that it would never happen again, and

It did (it did) like a SONG on repeat, and
I started learning their WORDS.. familiar with their BEATin!

I put up barricades & borders, but somehow they beat it!
And now I’m left with internal bleedin.. it got me screamin..

Ooh Oh! ...I never been here before!
But It’s lookin familiar.. I don’t wanna go down this road!

Ooh Oh! …This story’s already told!
But I won’t live it again! … Because I already know how the story ends

Verse 2
So all that hurt, it damaged me as a young teen
But when I became a man, I seen the same thing..

Same scheme, different lies, I just changed scenes
They had they piece of my PIE..and I was WIPPED cream

Had me feelin stupid… feeling regret
..and suspicious of every woman I’ve ever met

And close friends was always kept at an arm’s length
Never show them my weakness.. that’ll be my strength

All love lost. (none) All trust lost. (gone)
Anyone who did me wrong gettin cut off (bye)

Sa·yo·na·ra.. but I aint see’em later
I felt embarassed, so i did my best to stay away from..

..everybody; man it was so many poeple
Felt I was trapped in a movie.. they kept on makin sequels.

So i put on my sensors.. blocking everythang
and if I seen anythang reminding me of pain..
(I’m like)

Ooh Oh! ...I never been here before!
But It’s lookin familiar.. I don’t wanna go down this road!

Ooh Oh! …This story’s already told!
But I won’t live it again! … Because I already know how the story ends

Verse 3
Here I am again, but I'm saved now
A new spirit within, I know I’m changed now

I done settled down.. and you would think I’d settle down
but if she joke around wit my friends, I’m like “settle down”

And to add to it.. Her “Best Friend for Life”.. my homie, my best friend, and brother in Christ

I be tryin to kick a smile, but I know within..
..I be running reels of ways it could possibly end..

I had my assumptions..but it was never that, in fact..
..she the only woman that's ever loved me back

And my homie, closest friend I've ever had
He know my good & bad.. And he still got my back

That's the truth about it.. Ain't no sugar coat..
No cliche, but this the realest I've ever wrote

That was difficult to share.. Hard for me to stomach
Words of my testimony, I hope I'm overcoming

Chorus Repeats
Track Name: Open
Song - “Open”

Verse 1
Imagine me.. Living in agony
Trying to hide everything.. from you

But now I see… Just what I need..
And that’s to give everything.. To you

So I’m wide open..
Everything is out in the open..

Is that what you wanted?
Everything about me, you know it (you know it)

Verse 2
Now naturally, all of my actions lead
To me handling everything.. by myself

But day by day, when I’ve seen nothing’s changed
I notice I’m just in the way.. Of my help!

Repeat Chorus

(Oohs & Runs)

Repeat Chorus